Sunday, March 18, 2007

Making Money In A Whole New Way

Hey guys,

I haven't written here in a while, as my central blog has been my main place of posting, but I thought I'd give the people an update on my journey.

No, I haven't reached $5000 per month yet on a steady basis. But I have been on a long and bumpy journey! I went from spending about $10/day max advertising money to about $150/day within a matter of a couple weeks. What happened was I started getting into ClickBank and made what seemed like a lot of money (read more about this here) until I figured out I was spending more on average than I was making in the long run. So about a week ago, I decided to completely cut spending and see what happened with ClickBank.

Now I knew very well that I had to make up for the loss in some way, so I scoured the DigitalPoint forums for fresh ideas, talked to my friends, thought about it a lot and finally came up with a couple of solutions.

Anyone who knows me knows I started a couple months ago and it's been a decent success, having received a Google PageRank of 5 in its first month and already having over 400 active blogs in its index. So what did I do?

I began selling space for advertising on the site at $10/mo per ad and so far I've received about 6 subscriptions for it. Yeah, I know $60/mo doesn't sound like much but it is $2/day and anyone who is scratching by with Adsense knows that $2/day isn't bad!

So then a friend of mine suggested I help him sell advertising on a few other sites with higher PR and traffic, and we've been able to sell up to about $750/mo worth of ads on sites. Now I got varying percentages of each of those sales, so my individual income from these sales plus my sales on BlogFlare add up to about $410/mo so far.

Suddenly, it's jumped up to around $14/day from these sales alone!

The next thing I decided to do (based on a friend's advice) is creating proxy sites. You might be wondering "what the hell is a proxy site?" Well, I won't go into detail but essentially it's a tool that most anyone can use to browse the internet anonymously. The cool part is that these things make decent money.

Since I started about 4 days ago, I've been making around $14/day average from AdSense as a result of having these new sites, and it's going to get better with what I have planned. By the way, if you're interested in creating proxies, let me know! I am building a large blasting list to announce new proxies to my visitors, and so far I have over 300 subscribers.

So yeah-- I went from being in a rut to making about $28/day on average per month just from my online activities, and this is traffic that will build! In fact, I am getting over 15,000 impressions per day as a result.

The funny thing? I have still been getting ClickBank sales every day! For some strange reason, people are visiting my sites through organic search results and still buying the products. It's fantastic! However, I don't really count the ClickBank income in my daily average as it's never constant. I just consider it a bonus!

So now that I'm making a steady $28-30/day, I'm about 1/5 towards my goal. The sad part is that I wasted a lot of time getting here, but I've gotten here in the last week!

Good things are happening people. It's about to get crazy. :)