Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How to Make Money From Your Blog

Now, there he goes again. I'm really liking this Steve guy. His writing is inspirational.

For instance, I'm already planning on buying a full-on domain name to write my posts in instead of using this blogger thing. Also, on one of my websites I'm re-building, I plan to put up a pixel wall (much like the one on for the community. This way, instead of donations, people can actually get something out of contributing money to the website -- they get traffic to their blog or website or whatever. Great stuff!

Of course, as I get more ideas from this guy and any other place (including my brain), I will pass them on to you.

Anyway, check out Steve's post on How to Make Money From Your Blog and let me know what you think of his ideas.

More later!


MillionDollar said...

Sure. Like your idea of link exchange. I am adding you to my blog roll. Please do the same.

MWresearcher said...

hey wanna exchange links. We write on pretty similar ideas. I am adding you to my blog roll.

teatreebergamot said...

Steve's post was great. Thanks for linking to it (I wouldn't have read it otherwise).

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...


Hey, can you delete that last comment I left. The error should be obvious eeek.

Great write-ups. I briefly glanced through it and liked what I saw. I will review in depth tomorrow because it's 1:48 a.m.

Money Never Sleeps Pal..LoL


MWresearcher said...

thanks for the link exchange. I have joined your blog index. The idea sounds great.

The Bizarre Jokester said...

merry christmas! my this day bring you lots n lots of happiness and joy!

Harshal Vakil said...

would you like a link exchange ???

Anonymous said...

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The Bizarre Jokester said...

Happy New Year! May this year be happy, successful and prosperous for you :)

delend-delend said...

this is very cool blog.your articles are inspirational to me.