Saturday, November 11, 2006

(Review) Rich Jerk: I'm Better Than You

Rich Jerk: I'm Better Than You (eBook)

Five years ago, there were a few choice eBooks out there describing how you could become a millionaire just by buying their book and following their instructions. The trouble was that there were no clearcut instructions on getting rich, they offered no real assistance and instead told you (with a lot of words) basically what you already knew. Today, there are probably millions of eBooks out there that are exactly like those and you should be very careful when paying good money for informational products.

I heard a lot of good things about the Rich Jerk's eBook. Despite his crude approach, I found him to be very informational myself so I decided to give his book a try just to review it for all of you good people. The book itself is $39.99, which seemed steep at the time, but later I found out it was actually a steal for the information he doles out.

Once I had the eBook, I opened it up with Adobe Reader and was greeted with a short intro that promised me a short read and a nice table of contents, properly linked to all the information. It goes over creating affiliate websites, pay per click strategies, search engine optimization strategies, selling informational products, buying on ebay and even goes into detail for beginners.

Now, normally when you buy an eBook you expect the worst and that's what you get. It took me about 45 minutes, but I read through the whole thing and found the instructions to be accurate and with just enough detail. I like to actually follow along and test these things for reviews just like this.

A main theme I noticed throughout the guide is that you have to actually get up and DO something, which is a problem for many people starting out but I agree fully. If you're not prepared to do *anything*, this will NOT work for you but if you're prepared to do a few things on a semi-daily basis, this is perfect.

Of course, I can't go into much detail as that would be copyright infringement but I will say this: This is one of the few good informational products you will come across and even if you're not good at making web pages, you can still make a lot of money using the Rich Jerk's techniques.

So to summarize- great book, solid information and I recommend it. Go grab yourself a copy.

Rich Jerk: I'm Better Than You (eBook)


Pinoy Rich Jerk said...

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carpadeim said...

Hi, I purchased the The Rich Jerk e-book on Ebay, a couple months ago. It stated it had resell rights, so i listed it. The next day it was pulled off my listings. Ebay sent this to me:

You can not submit your listing due to the following problems Attention Seller: In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts listing items that are reportedly favored by counterfeiters. At this time, you are limited in the number of items you can list (or revise) in any 7 day period. If you have any additional questions about this subject, email us at Customer Support.
We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship. Click here for a window with eBay's policy on replica or counterfeit items
Click here for more information on limits that may affect your
selling activity

I've written the Trust and Safety numerous times, and I just get a generic letter back. I've written to the owner of the ebook and no reply. I paid something like 1.50 for the ebook, it stated it had resell rights, but obvisously it didn't.. Should the person who sold it to me get punished? and not me? I had no Idea. I need help with this matter too, so if anyone out there can help me clear this matter, that would be great. Be careful about digital ebooks that say they have resell rights. I no longer sell any type of ebook now, but i am limeted now and how much i can sell, and ebay dosnt let me know much about this either. Do not buy his book and try to sell on ebay, you will be sorry you did!

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