Sunday, November 12, 2006

(Review) Blogging To The Bank

Blogging To The Bank

Okay, okay- so I gave the last eBook a good review because of its great organization, so you're probably going to think I'm just dishing out good reviews, but no-- what I'm doing is only writing about those with which I am truly impressed. After all, I did shell out the $27.00 to buy the thing to see if it's worth its salt.

Rob Benwell's "Blogging To The Bank" is a great example of what an eBook should be. Benwell is short and concise with this quick guide to generating cash with blogs. In fact, he is giving his very own secret away.

I followed his steps and in about an hour I had a blog up and running with code from Google Adsense, a ton of incoming links and a couple of articles up. In fact, that is exactly what he details how to do- research a market, create a blog, place ads on the blog, put content in the blog, get targeted traffic to the blog and a nice network of blogs to push your ranking up on the search engines.

Not only does he use a step by step method, but he also includes screen shots of what your process should look like as you go. If were to stress one thing to anyone looking to create an informational guide on making money, it's actually showing the reader what to do and screen shots are an excellent way to do so.

Benwell's screen shots detail how to go about setting up your blog and all the correct settings to make it an almost overnight success. If you follow the program guidelines, then in about a week you will be generating income and that's no joke.


The author could have gone into much more detail on some key sections where he tells us to visit his website for more information (an obvious plug) when he discusses things like "voodoo blogging."


I honestly give this eBook an A and I highly recommend that you shell out the $27. You will earn that back within the month if not less and you'll keep generating more income if you just do what the guide says to.

Blogging To The Bank

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