Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This Week's Earnings

Okay, since I started this blog 11 days ago, I've been using various promotional techniques to try and get it linked up on similar blogs and get some revenue going. So I thought I'd give you the progress and growth on a regular basis just to show you what you can expect if you put in about an hour a day.

I checked today, and Adsense earnings are up to $3.71 ($0.34/day average) for the duration. This doesn't seem like much at all, I know but give me another 10 days and I'm sure I can make that number grow at least by two if not more. Hopefully once the site is linked by the search engines, it will grow on its own. I checked ClickBank and I'm up to about $17.98 ($1.64/day average) for the duration.

So making around $1.97/day isn't anything huge to speak of but it is something, and that's what I'm after.

The goal is to make the blog generate about $25.00/day with a minimal investment of time. This way, I can show you fine people that it's quite possible to make money doing this. Hell, I'm already set to make around $700.00 this year from this blog alone and that's if it flatlines at $2/day. Trust me, it won't.

As far as visitors, I'm using Google Analytics to track everything and so far I've gotten 557 visits and 763 page views.

My top referrals have come from BlogMad, Digg, Reddit, Blogger and myLot.

In other news, I've just signed up with BlogsVertise. If you haven't heard of this service, I'll brief you on it. To start out, you can sign up as either a blogger or an advertiser. Bloggers are paid to mention advertisers up to three times in a post and they submit the article to the service to be paid. Advertisers obviously pay to get mentioned in blog articles and so the cycle goes.

I haven't received any writing tasks yet, but once I do, I will definitely let you know.

I will follow up with this post in about a week or so.

- Scott


Stephen said...


Great write up! It is rare to find someone who is honest in their earnings and willing to help those of us who love to blog, but wouldn't mind making a little money.

You bring a fresh perspective to the table and I will work twice as hard to implement some of the recommendations you have shown (Clickbank & myLot)

Do you just submit articles to sites like Digg and Reddit or do you just register with them?

Looking forward to your next post!


Jamie's said...

Will be following your progress closely. Will be interesting to see how your earnings grow. Although it would be nice to allow anonymous comments as my main blog is Wordpress called Terinea Tech Tips.